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Cisco CUIC Reports

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)

Additional plug-and-play reports to your CUIC repository. Search through our deposit of stock reports by entering a search term or select one or multiple of the categories on the right within the collection.
300$ for each out-of-the-box report in the catalog. If  none of these suit your reporting requirements, we can build customized reports that you can then install in your environment.
See our wallboard and OLAP/ Business Intelligence solutions for advanced reporting requirements.

Expertflow provides a series of out-of-the-box CUIC records at a fixed price of 300 USD, or for free as part of Expertflow products. Similar bespoken reports can be created.


  • Abandoned Call Detail

    A historical report on CCE platform that provides detail of each contact dropped by the customer while waiting for an agent in queue.

  • ACD Results

    A historical report on CCE platform that provides outcome of all outbound contacts attempted by dialer during a campaign.

  • Agent Login Logout

    A historical report on CCE platform that provides statistics for an agent session. A session begins when an agent first logs in to the system and ends when the agent logs out. (Data is written at agent logged out event)

  • CUIC Report Template


  • Call Transfer Detail

    A historical CDR report on CCE platform showing detail of each contact handled along with the hang-up party (Customer or Agent).

  • Agent Disposition

    A historical report on CCE platform that provides consolidated stats of all wrap-up entered by agent after handling outbound contact.

  • Lead Search

    A historical report on CCE platform that provides the outcome of lead attempted by the dialer.

  • Agent Not Ready Reason

    A historical report on CCE platform that provides the consolidated stats of Not ready reasons availed by agent during the shift.

  • System Disposition

    A historical report on CCE platform that provides consolidated outcomes of outbound contacts w.r.t system.

  • Agent Performance

    A historical report on CCE platform that provides consolidated stats of agents worked on outbound campaigns.

  • Call Type Real Time

    A report on CCE platform provides real-time statistics for each call type configured in the system. The system generates ‘Real Time’ record for each call type To5 (during the rolling five-minute interval) & Today (since midnight).

  • Agent and Team Wise Hourly

    This report on CCE platform shows agent and team wise hourly consolidated statistics of different states.