Cisco CUIC Reports

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)

Additional plug-and-play reports to your CUIC repository. Search through our deposit of stock reports by entering a search term or select one or multiple of the categories on the right within the collection.
300$ for each out-of-the-box report in the catalog. If  none of these suit your reporting requirements, we can build customized reports that you can then install in your environment.
See our wallboard and OLAP/ Business Intelligence solutions for advanced reporting requirements.

Expertflow provides a series of out-of-the-box CUIC records at a fixed price of 300 USD, or for free as part of Expertflow products. Similar bespoken reports can be created.

Agent Performance

FieldnameDescriptionDatafield/ FormulaFormat
Month of yearMonth
Selected Date from the filterDate
Agent Name
Name of the agentAgentName
Agent Login ID
Extension of the agentExtension
Login Time
Time of agent logged in to the MRD
Logout Time
Time of agent logged out from MRD
Name of the agent teamTeam
Campaign Name
Name of the campaignCampaignName
Connected Calls
Total outbound calls answered by the agentOutboundCalls
Login Duration
Total login durationLoginTimeminutes
Ready Time
Total ready durationReadyTimeminutes
Not Ready Time
Total not ready durationNotReadyTimeminutes
Reserve Time
Total time in reserve stateReserveTimehh:mm:ss
Talk Duration
Total talk durationTalkDurationhh:mm:ss
Hold Duration
Total hold durationHoldDurationhh:mm:ss
ACW Duration
Total duration while entering Wrapup data
Handle Duration
Total duration of outbound answered calls
Avg Talk Time
Average talk time(TalkTime/CallsAnsweredhh:mm:ss
Avg Handled Time
Average handle time(HandleTime/CallsHandled)hh:mm:ss
The percentage of time agent occupied for handling task out of total ready time
+ReserveTime)/(LogonTime – NotReadyTime)

Available Filters

  • Date Time
  • Campaigns
  • Teams
  • Agents