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Unified Interaction History

View the customer's interaction history across all channels and link attached media such as recorded voice files or exchanged chat pictures. The interaction history allows you to determine the last agent a client interacted with and use that information for re-routing.

Support agents and add to their efficiency. Our agent desktop makes it easy to add wrap-up and call summaries or tags for classification.

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Agent Controls

Our agent desktop provides agent and media state control and Agent preferences. Assign labels to callers such as VIP, repetitive, and malicious to provide caller-specific routing. And view or edit the unified conversation history.

Use wrap-up codes to tag calls in terms of success or failure, duration and more.

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Integrate AI-Tools of your choice

Information gathered during conversations such as the chat transcript and voice can be processed in real time and augmented using AI.

We provide solutions such as:

  • Pick up questions the customer is asking and provide possible answer suggestions (either static or LLM-based)
  • Links to your knowledge base
  • Authenticate the customer using voice and face biometrics 
  • Real-time translation. We support many languages, including less commonly spoken languages.
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Mobile Agent & Webphone

The agent desktop workspace can run as a standalone web application or be embedded into third-party web applications such as CRMs. We also provide integration into your mobile app with an SDK.
For customization and integration with your mobile app we offer professional services. Get in touch for more information and a quote.

Dashboards & Wallboards

ExpertFlow Dashboards & Wallboards application allows contact center admins, supervisors and agents to customize new dashboards as per their needs. Users can customize their dashboard and admins can create Wallboards that are displayed on a large screen. 

The application comes with predefined gadgets (display types and data stats) to be added on a dashboard container. The user can then customize the gadget to see the attributes important to the business while hiding the rest.

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