Business Analytics & Insights

Collect and analyze data to learn what you’re doing well and what you can improve

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Learn from past conversations

Get insights from revisiting past conversations:

  • Review and analyze data from conversations
  • Record and analyze customer data from past conversations
  • Conduct Surveys to learn more about your customers
  • Conduct Post Collaboration Surveys to review customer satisfaction and agent performance
  • Display and visualize data using our Reporting capabilities

We also offer real time analytics and dashboards


Record your calls and collect data during conversations

Use our call, and screen recording capabilities to manage quality and compliance. Record conversations across all channels including user and agent screen while meeting regulatory requirements. We make it simple to reduce risk and adhere to GDPR and other regulations with encryption, automated and on-demand masking, and consent-based recording.

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    AI-based conversation analysis

    Learn about your customers needs and preferences as well as your agents capabilities through AI-generated insights. 

      Recorded conversations, data provided by your customers or agents and data collected during the conversation - all can be reviewed and analyzed

      Discover  patterns, trends and areas of strength or weakness. Use these insights to refine your ongoing advice, improve your agents' skills and enhance your customer service. 


      Integrate AI Components for Analytics

      AI components of your choice can be integrated, such as for

      • Transcribing, creating summaries and translation
      • Automated call tagging and wrap up codes generation
      • Evaluate customer satisfaction and its evolution over time
      • Sentiment analysis and toxic language detection

      Thanks to our open APIs we are not limited to certain providers. In most cases, both on-prem and from the cloud is available. 

      We support many languages including less commonly spoken languages.

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        Use our comprehensive reporting to understand customer behavior and needs. We have a wide set of reports ready such as Agent and team productivity,  Call Disposition Scenarios, Queue Summary and Service levels, First Call Resolution, Call Detail Records, and many more.

        Analytical reports provided by Expertflow allow for drill-down using Pivot tables, relying on a data warehouse in the form of an OLAP cube.

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        Tailor reports to your needs

        Use and modify reports we provide, and create new reports to suit your needs.

        We also provide tailor made reports for your specific needs through our professional services. Contact us for details and a quote.

        Export and import data with 3rd party systems through our open APIs.

        We can integrate with multiple data sources and aggregate and display them in one single report.

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