Outbound Campaigns

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Outbound Campaigns

A multichannel campaign manager that can work with lists, individual callback requests, as well as external data sources. Run interactive, agent or non-agent based campaigns (IVR/ SMS/ Chat), store interaction data, and trigger agent-based or anonymous surveys/ questionnaires.

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Use Conversation Studio to create this solution and many more...

Track and manage customer journeys across channels

Run agent or agentless campaigns (IVR/ SMS/ Chat / Email), and surveys.

Using our Conversation Studio, you can design outbound campaigns in detail to suit your needs. For example, you can design your campaign to start with an email to the customer informing them of the upcoming call and allowing them to choose a date that works best for them.

Further features we provide for Outbound Campaigns include predictive dialing, insert an IVR to jump in when the customer picks up before the agent is ready, and call progress analysis (CPA) to optimize the handover to an agent.

Store interaction data, and trigger agent-based or anonymous surveys and questionnaires.


Campaign management and tracking

Manage campaigns and agent productivity

  • Reduce your agent's idle time with predictive dialing and automatically control for overdialing.
  • To decrease abandonment rate, you can introduce an IVR to cover the waiting time until an agent becomes available. 

Track your campaigns 

  • Call progress analysis (CPA) to determine whether the phone was picked up by customer
  • Let your customers know about upcoming calls with upfront emails (and analyze their interests)
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Adjust your campaign set up on the go with data form real time reporting

  • Status of a contact, such as “pending”, “Sent to dialer”, “connected”.
  • Calls in queue (abandon rate, waiting times due to overdialing)
  • Campaign progress

Historical reporting

  • Integration with cisco cuic or EF reporting tool

Call Strategies

Define rescheduling strategies such as number of retry attempts and the channel of the attempt, voice or SMS, for selective call results.


Campaign Schedule

Control campaign execution by defining the hours of the day and days of the week when a campaign should run.

Start, Stop or Resume campaigns on the go

Toggle to start, stop, and resume ongoing dialer campaigns. The application keeps track of the point at which the dialing stopped and resumes from this same point.

Contacts that got transferred to the dialer already before the campaign aborts, are still dialed.

SMS/ Chat Campaigns

Choose the campaign channel as voice or SMS.

Add SMS attempts in a Voice campaign to reach customers via SMS if not reachable via voice. You can also run standalone SMS campaigns to send promotions, business reminders or follow ups to customers.

Campaigns over digital channels such as chat (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, or any chat) are now available with the Expertflow Plugin to Mautic