Agent Experience


Agent and Supervisor Productivity

Contact center agents and supervisors only need a web browser to serve your customers across all channels, including chat, voice and video. No need to install any software.

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Agent Workspace

Our unified AgentDesk shows ongoing conversations, customer profiles and interaction history across all channels. It comes along with

  • A voice-and-video web phone
  • Handlers for digital channels such as chat, email, social media or website activities
  • Forms to edit customer details or details for the ongoing conversation, such as wrap-up codes
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recording and quality assurance
Customer Channels

Agent Assistance

With the Agent workspace in place lets think about what tools can make their lives easier.

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Supervisor Tools

Supervisors are the Brains of your day-to-day call centre operation and thus need all available information to manage their teams. An Expertflow CX Supervisor has default access to all agent features and some additional features geared towards enabling the supervisors to ensure that their teams deliver exceptional service, all embedded in the AgentDesk.

Expertflow’s supervisor tools are available with the standalone solution (EFCX) and in integration with Genesys, Cisco and Cisco Finesse gadgets.

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Customer Channels