Agent Assistance

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Agent Assistance

Provide your agents with contextual information on the current conversation with the customer.

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Suggest answers and actions to your agents

Support your agents during an interaction over any channel by providing suggestions for actions or answers. These suggestions can come by way of

  • AI engines via call-forking
  • LLM engine with access to your knowledge base
  • Supervisor (barge-in or whisper)
Customer Self-Service
Customer Channels

Real time assistance from AI engines

Use Ai engines to extract information in real-time from the ongoing speech, video or chat and send suggested answers, activities or hints to the agent:

  • Transcription and translation 
  • Voice or Face biometrics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Automated answers from your  Knowledge Base
  • Customer journey prediction
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Unlock Enterprise Knowledge

Combine LLM (Large Language Model) engines such as LLama, Mistral or OpenAI's ChatGPT with your internal authoritative knowledge sources/ and documents to provide answers to both customers and agents. These "Retrieval-Augmented Generation" LLM solutions can be deployed on-prem in a controlled and PII-compliant manner. They can be used both for chat- and voice bots and knowledge base retrieval on websites or internal knowledge bases.

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AI insights
Customer Self-Service

Customer authentication using voice and face biometry

With voice and face biometrics, we provide a secure and convenient way for customers to authenticate their identity. Once you have identified your users and added their biometric data to their profiles, you can easily authenticate them using AI-based technology. Advantages include:

  • Enhanced Security, avoiding the issues with passwords
  • Reduced call durations
  • The system will learn from every interaction to improve voiceprint/faceprint accuracy.

Real Time Translation

Language barriers are a thing of the past.                                     

Display real-time translations of ongoing text conversations in the agent desktop and even translated transcripts of ongoing voice calls.

We support many languages including, less commonly spoken languages.

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Customer Channels

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