Customer Self-Service

customer self-service

Customer Self-Service

Automate routine or repetitive queries with customer self-service for all channels. Empower customers to resolve their issues 24x7.

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Create self-service opportunities

Customer service can be expensive and in some cases it can be a real effort on the customer’s part too, leading to frustration. Provide self-service functionality using voice- and chatbots, only escalating to a human agent when necessary.

  • The majority of customers prefer being able to resolve issues themselves
  • Reduced wait times because no agent is required
  • Reduce customer effort

Expertflow connects your Contact Center and website to these
AI engines...

and many more...

Chatbot with LLM

Advanced chatbots such as Rasa CALM (Conversational AI with Language Models) are combining the advantages of chatbots and large language models and enable guided conversations. 

Answers reflect the state and progress of the entire conversation and the chatbot is capable of imposing a business logic including certain mandatory steps in a conversation before advancing to the next topic.

This also allows customer authentication to perform secure and confidential actions such as account balance enquiries, orders and even money transfers.

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Question Answering with Knowledge Databases

Combine LLM (Large Language Model) engines such as LLama, Mistral or OpenAI's ChatGPT with your internal authoritative knowledge sources/ and documents to provide answers to both customers and agents. These "Retrieval-Augmented Generation" LLM solutions can be deployed on-prem in a controlled and PII-compliant manner. They can be used both for chat- and voice bots, but also knowledge base retrieval on websites or internal knowledge bases.

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