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Key Features

  • Conduct surveys via any channel
  • Pre-defined forms for standard surveys such as 5-Star, NPS, CES, etc. that you can use out of the box and also modify if you need to
  • Design your own survey flow in every detail using our Conversation Studio
  • Extensive reports included
  • Import and Export of your data

Revisit your conversations with Post Collaboration Surveys

Reach out to your customers after their conversation to get feedback - via any channel, such as SMS, Email, Web or IVR-based surveys. Gain more insights into agent performance, such as how easy it was for customers to use an option, or on customer satisfaction regarding a particular agent or your services in general.

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    Supervisor Quality Assurance - Evaluate the skills of your agents

    Schedule your supervisors to evaluate agent performance by reviewing recorded conversations (call, chat, videocall). Use AI-based analytics on the recorded call, such as sentiment analysis or toxic language detection, as an input to evaluate customer satisfaction and agent performance.


    Configure automatic triggers for quality management

    Configure an automatic next action, such as a scheduled survey, or an email to the supervisor if a customer survey reveals a certain level of dissatisfaction.

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      Customer Surveys

      Conduct surveys to find out how satisfied customers are with certain services or products.

      Contact customers via live agents, voice- or chatbots, sending SMS or email. Schedule the contact according to the customers’ time zone or preferred time.

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      Use Forms to capture customer responses

      Use our versatile forms to capture customer responses through any channel - for example, have them fill them out on your website or respond through a touch-tone IVR system.

      Forms with survey results are stored as conversation data and can be visualized using our reporting tools.

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