IVR call deflection / Visual IVR

IVR call deflection and Visual IVR

Give your customers waiting for an Agent to attend to their needs the option to be served faster through a chat channel such as SMS or Whatsapp. Chat channels can easily be automated and Ai-assisted agents can handle multiple conversations at the same time, thereby reducing the cost and waiting time.

IVR deflection
IVR deflection

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Customer Self-Service

IVR Deflection

Designed to reduce operating costs and breaking of traffic peaks, this solution is in line with your customers appreciation for self-service options. Because you provide your callers with the option to switch to a form of communication involving less agent labor you also increase your capacity.

The following scenario shows how this is achieved:

A customer who is on hold in the queue, hears a message inviting them to redirect the voice session to a chat channel. If the customer chooses to do so, the conversation flow sends an SMS to the caller with a URL that initiates a chat. A chatbot is then launched in the chat session, which becomes part of the same conversation as the original call. This chat session can then also queue to an agent if the bot is unable to satisfy the customer's needs.

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Visual IVR

Visual IVR is a support platform that guides inbound callers to a web-based support experience – personalizing the support journey for customers already on their way to the queue. Combining voice with chat, Visual IVR allows you to enrich conversations with text, hyperlinks and images, routing your customers to existing knowledgebases or self-help tools.

  • save money by the immediate decrease in contact center call volume
  • customers can access information quicker than with other IVR solutions
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