Courtesy Callback for UCCX

ExpertFlow callback solution provides an IVR callback module for UCCX to handle callback requests from CCX IVR. The solution works on top of Cisco Outbound dialer and a pre-built CCX script to record callback requests.  The script submits the callback request to ExpertFlow Campaign Manager. ECM pushes the contact to a predefined CCX campaign with agents to handle callback requests.

The customized call strategies allow handling various call failure scenarios where the call was not successfully connected to the customer such as ‘customer did not pick up the call’. With call strategies, you can customize the dialer behavior, for instance, dialing the same number after 60 minutes if the customer didn’t pick up.


  1. While a customer waits in the queue for an agent and the wait time exceeds a predefined wait time, the system plays a prompt to the customer to record her callback number on the IVR.
  2. The customer provides the phone number through DTMF.
  3. Once the customer enters her phone number and drops the call, the call is released from CCX side. A CCX script developed by EF IVR team will push the callback number to the callback server.
  4. On CCX side, there’ll be a predefined campaign to handle IVR callbacks with a CSQ to handle callback requests. The callback server will push the contact to the CCX Outbound campaign.
  5. Cisco Outbound dialer checks the agent availability.
  6. The agent is reserved.
  7. The outbound call is generated on the customer specified phone number and routed to the agent.
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