Callback Management for Cisco Contact Center
Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE) or PCCE

Web Callbacks

Web Callback widget from ExpertFlow allows web surfers to register for a quick callback request to the help desk/contact center while surfing the website. The web widget takes customer phone number and shows customers the Estimated Wait Time (EWT) and number of available agents to record immediate/delayed callback requests. So based on the response, a web surfer can request for a delayed callback by entering the date/time to call or an immediate callback.

The web callback request goes to ExpertFlow Campaign Manager which then sends the contact to the Cisco Outbound dialer. With ECM, you can further apply call strategies to retry contacts which were not reached even after dialing them on the scheduled date.

ExpertFlow Adminpanel

Courtesy callbacks for CCX

Courtesy callback module for UCCX offers to handle callback requests from the IVR. A pre-built CCX IVR script allows your customers to register for a callback on the IVR (if/when the queue wait time exceeds the threshold) and submits the request to ExpertFlow Campaign Manager. ECM pushes the request to Cisco outbound dialer to generate a callback.

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Queue Abandoned Callbacks

Take care of your unhappy customers by giving them a callback if/when they drop the call angrily after waiting for a long time on the queue.
Abandoned callbacks are offered to customers who dropped the call while waiting in the queue before they were connected to the agent.
All such calls go to ExpertFlow Campaign Manager (ECM) which sends the contacts to Cisco Outbound Dialer to dial a callback.

This helps increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening your customer relationships.

Pre Requirements

The customer must have “Premium Agent” license in order to enable Cisco Outbound dialer for (Preview) outbound dialing capability.

For Predictive, Progressive, (or Both) outbound dialing capability, the customer has to purchase Outbound IVR licenses as well which are based on number of contact center agents.

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