Callback Management for Cisco Contact CentersCisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE) or PCCE

Facilitate your customers with an option to get a callback, without waiting for long. Reduce the queue waiting times, enhance the customer-service experience and increase the customer satisfaction.

Web callback (CCX)

Offer your clients a web widget to initiate a quick callback while surfing on the web, thus getting speedy assistance. The widget provides the leverage to request for an immediate callback or schedule a delayed call back on a certain date and time.

Abandoned Callbacks (CCX/CCE)

Want to track callers that dropped off due to long waiting times?

Get connected to such callers with an automated callback, thus improving call center experience and customer satisfaction.

The customer must have “Premium Agent” license in order to enable Cisco Outbound dialer for (Preview) outbound dialing capability.

For Predictive, Progressive, (or Both) outbound dialing capability, the customer has to purchase Outbound IVR licenses as well. For system specifications, please visit Campaign Manager*

* Callback solution runs on top of Campaign Manager.

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