Cisco Landing – draft

CTI Connectors

Telephony and agent state controls linked to your CRM. Customer profile pop-up on call arrival, click-to-dial, and a unified agent interface both for telephony/ media control and your CRM.

Supervisor Tools

One-stop administration interface for supervisors to manage CCX agents, teams, contact service queues (CSQs) and CCX scripts. Add single or multi-tenant contact center shift opening/closing hours, public holidays and exceptional hours of operation on the calendar for the CCX or CCE call centers. Insert dynamic announcements on the CCX/E IVR for sudden/planned events without involving an IT expert.

Cisco CUIC Reports

Additional plug-and-play reports to your CUIC repository. Search through our deposit of stock reports by entering a search term or select one or multiple of the categories on the right within the collection.
300$ for each out-of-the-box report in the catalog. If none of these suit your reporting requirements, we can build customized reports that you can then install in your environment.

Cisco Finesse Gadgets

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Whisper gadget

Supervisors whisper to agents during customer calls.


Agent Guidance

Scripted conversation guides for agents.


Wrapup codes

Agents can attach multiple wrap-up codes to a call.


Voice AI connect

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Call forwarding/

Attendant console to see presence status of UC Users or CC agent.


Call Parking

Park a call and manage multiple calls.


Chat/ SMS

Integration to chatbots. Agents can chat amongst each other.


Customer Journey and interaction history

Shows the last five interactions per customer or per agent.

Pricing Table

EF Finesse Gadgets Pack$150*
EF Call Parking Gadget$15000

* Per gadget per concurrent agent. Professional services are not included in the above-mentioned prices. Minimum order quantity is 25.