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CRM Connectors

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE), Freeswich, FusionPBX

Telephony and agent state controls linked to your CRM. Customer profile pop-up on call arrival, click-to-dial and a unified agent interface both for telephony/ media control and your CRM.

Deployable CRM Connectors

For the following CRM solutions, we offer finished CRM connectors that are integrated inside the CRM interface, either as soft client or (in the case of Microsoft Unified Service Desk) as heavy client):

Connectors to your CRM

We propose several alternatives to connect a callcenter to a CRM solution for which there is no ready-made connector. The recommended option is the CIM gadget.

Screen Popup initiated by Finesse

The CRM customer profile pops up in a separate window or tab than the Finesse interface. The contact center agent switches between Finesse and the CRM. Function calls happen via client-side HTML.

Javascript CTI Toolbar

Embed a telephony/ agent state toolbar in your own CRM, using this Javascript toolbar.

Opensocial Gadget in Finesse

This connector embeds the CRM customer information screen into the finesse interface. This connector is possible for CRM Systems supporting the Open UI HTML5 framework.

CIM Gadget in Finesse

CIM customer profile is a Cisco Finesse Gadget that extracts data from a CRM System and displays editeable content, as well as a customer interaction history.