ACTIVE_Supervisor Whisper Gadget

Supervisor Whisper Gadget

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE), Freeswitch, FusionPBX

With whisper coaching, a supervisor can speak to agents discreetly during a customer call with information that only the agnet can hear. It also allows contact center supervisors to covertly listen to a conversation between an agent and a customer.

The gadget displays agents of a certain group along with their current state (ready, not ready, talking,..) to the supervisor.

Clicking on an agent while he/she is in ‘Talking’ state starts silent monitoring.

Whisper mode is available for any BiB (Built-in-Bridge) enabled Cisco phone on the agent side. The Whiper functionality for supervisors can be displayed as a Gadget within the Cisco Finesse Desktop or as a Java Snippet embedded into any webpage.

Hardware Requirements
vCPU (Cores)2
vRAM (GB)4
vDisk (GB)50
Software Requirements
ServerMicrosoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Other Requirements

CC Agents to be coached must have a Cisco BiB Enabled Hardphone for supervisor whisper to work.