Supervisor Tools

One-stop administration interface to reskill UCCX agents, manage teams, contact service queues (CSQs) and CCX scripts. Add single or multi-tenant contact center shift opening/closing hours, public holidays and exceptional hours of operation on the calendar. Insert dynamic announcements on the CCX or CCE IVR for sudden/planned events without involving an IT expert.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)

Team Administration & Reskilling for CCX

A drag n drop administration interface for UCCX supervisors for reskilling agents and managing changes to team CSQs in near real time.

Agent Profiles with a profile picture help supervisors in quick identification of team agents for changing agent skills, competence level, agent group and the like. Manage team-based configurations with supervisor workspaces.

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Announcements & Business Calendars

Enable your contact center managers/ supervisors to quickly add IVR announcements, for instance, to manage planned/unplanned outages. Define regular opening and closing hours, exceptional hours, and insert public holidays on the calendar.

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Supervisor Finesse Gadget

Expertflow Supervisor Tools now also available as a Finesse gadget for supervisors so that they don't have to re-login to a separate browser window. As soon a CCX supervisor logs in to the Finesse desktop, he automatically also gets logged in to the gadget as well and ready to start reskilling its team agents, queues, change prompts/calendars and/or script flows. 

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