Forms & ScriptsCisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE) or PCCE

Forms & Scripts tool enables contact center managers to build intelligent call scripts or forms to be popped up during in/outbound calls on the agent desktop. These forms can either be step-by-step guides, questionnaires or a plain form containing information for contact center agents to guide them during the call. Agents can ask questions reading the script or record customer feedback in the form during the call.

This helps in delivering a more effective and consistent customer experience.

Administration Panel

Contact Center managers can create a call script, as a questionnaire to be spoken up by agents during calls and record feedback or, a plain form to record some customer information.

The WWW-based administration panel allows to define new scripts and attach them to an inbound service DN (Dialed Number), queue or a campaign to be popped up on Finesse agent desktop during inbound or outbound calls.

The configuration interface allows creating scripts and forms with a variety of fields such as:

  • Combo
  • Short answer text
  • Multiple choices

Once done with the creation of the script, it can be attached with an appropriate inbound service Dialed Number (DN) or a CSQ which should serve as a call guide for agents, or with a campaign to be served in outbound calls to record feedback, for instance register new sales orders.

Forms & Scripts Gadget

The gadget in Finesse will popup the call script as a call arrives on a certain DN, queue or dialed in a campaign. The gadget shows the following data in the form to the agent:

  • Script/Form name: The name of the script/form associated with this call.
  • Form Fields: These are the questions or form fields, added by the administrator while defining the form.
  • Submit feedback: This would close the script and the feedback recorded would be updated in the database.

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