Outbound Campaign Manager

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)

Multichannel List and Campaign Manager with customizable call strategies and execution control.

Run interactive, agent or non-agent based campaigns (IVR/ SMS), manage campaign contacts, store interactions data, and decide the follow up actions based on the interaction history (such as follow up campaigns based on call wrap-ups).

Call Strategies

Define rescheduling strategies such as number of retry attempts and the channel of the attempt, voice or SMS, for selective call results.

Campaign Schedule

Control campaign execution by defining hours of the day, days of the week when a campaign should run.

Start, Stop or Resume campaigns on the go

Toggle to start, stop, and resume ongoing dialer campaigns.  The application keeps track of the point where the dialing was stopped and resumes from this same point. 

Contacts that were already transferred to the dialer before the campaign abort, will still be dialed.

Integration with your CRM or Marketing Cloud

RESTful APIs allow you to create control your outbound call and SMS campaigns directly from your CRM or Marketing tool. This includes all steps ranging from creating a campaign to updating results to the marketing tool. Marketeers can work primarily with their preferred CRM or Marketing tool without having to worry about the dialer or campaign manager.

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Dynamic changes to campaign prompts

Easily change the campaign prompts on the fly. Empower your CCX supervisors to add/remove CCX IVR prompts as per the needs of the business.


Real-time Campaign Reports

View real-time reports in ECM to see the status of a customer contact in the campaign in near real-time.

CUIC Historical Reports for CCE

View consolidated and detailed historical reports to see what happened to your campaigns. Drill down on the call results to see what happened to an individual call.

Customer Profiles

ECM is part of CIM (Customer Interaction Manager) solution which gives you advanced controls over managing your customers. Store customer's basic identification information along with service classification and customer preferences.

This lets ECM take decisions such as when to dial a customer based on his preferred time to call, check before dialing if a contact is marked as DNC and/ or connect the call to a preferred agent. 

See reports on status of each customer in a campaign such as "Pending", "Dialed", "Failed".

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Interaction History

With CIM Interaction History module, keep the interaction history of a contact to decide on follow-up actions. For instance,

  • Make a callback only if the customer has not already called in
  • See the reason why a customer is being dialed 
  • See the past interactions of a customer while dialing an outbound call
  • Trigger follow-up campaigns based on certain wrap ups
  • Connect the callback to the last agent who handled the previous call
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Agent Guidance Scripts

Design and link intelligent call scripts with outbound campaigns to guide agents during campaigns OR design plain feedback forms to allow agents to ask certain questions and record customer feedback, to better analyze customers' trends and interests. For instance, register a new order based on the customer interest while dialing in a marketing campaign. This requires Agent Guidance module of CIM. 

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Hardware Requirements

See Hardware Sizing sheet for accurate machine specifications.

Software Requirements

Operating SystemCentOS 7
BrowserMozilla Firefox (55.0)
Docker CEDocker CE 18+ and docker-compose

Compatibility with specific versions of Cisco Contact Center Express and Enterprise

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)

versions10.5 and higher

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)

versions10.6 and higher (premium)
FeatureECMCisco CCE 11.0 and earlierCisco CCE 11.5 and 11.6Cisco CCX 11.5 or earlier
End-2-end campaign management from CRM applications using RESTful APIsLimited – without call results loggingLimited
User-defined call attemptsLimitedLimitedLimited
Blended call rescheduling strategies (voice/ SMS)
Campaign schedule – days of week, hours of the dayLimitedLimited
Pause, resume campaigns on the flyLimited. Stops all Cisco campaignsLimited
Partial pause/resume campaigns with filters
Contacts Upload Status Report
Maximum active campaign limitationsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited15
Automatic import of contacts list
LIFO (Last_In_First_Out) dialing
Change CCX IVR campaign prompts on the go
Consecutive/alternate redialing options among multiple phones of the customer
Single management console for voice, SMS campaigns

Customer Interaction Management

Schedule, track, score customer interactions and context, linked to your CRM
Multi-channel outbound campaign manager, directly from a CRM
Callers can request a callback either from a webpage or while waiting in a calling queue
Surveys / Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance and Customer (satisfaction) scores after a call / interaction
Customer Profiles
Add/ edit customer records on-premise. Sync Customer profiles from the corresponding CRMs
Interaction history
Follow a customer's journey across channels (IVR, Voice, Email, Chat, Social, SMS). Do the same per agent and link it to your CRM
Agent Guidance
Scripted call guides and forms for agents
Tagging and Wrap up
Add tags/ labels/ wrap-up reasons to interactions