Cisco Finesse Gadgets
Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE) or PCCE

Increase functionality for agents and improve inter-team collaboration with our gadgets for Cisco Finesse
Standalone Finesse gadgets

Internal Chat Gadget

This chat gadget facilitates communication within the contact center. It comes with following features:

  • One-to-One chat
  • Broadcast chat
  • Help articles
  • Quick text templates (quick reply)
  • Group chat
  • Chat history
  • Export chat to PDF
  • Browser notifications
  • Sound notifications
  • Recent conversations tab

Call Transfer Gadget

The Call Transfer Gadget allows contact center agents to assign a call to an available agent of a specific skill group.
It provides finesse users the ability to transfer a call in three ways,

  • Transfer to a specific member in a skill group - A specific agent is selected from a skill group.

  • Transfer call to a random member of a skill group - Call is transferred to a skill group in a single step with no need to select a specific agent. This call is then automatically assigned to an available agent.

  • In UCCX, when an agent ends a call, it is automatically transfered to a survey script.

Call History Gadget

The call history gadget enables an agent to view history of the total dialed and received calls during a session. The features offered include,

  • Call History for Inbound Calls

  • Call History for Outbound Calls

  • History for the current session only

  • Callback to any contact / phone number from a list of those missed.

Wrap-up Gadget

ExpertFlow Wrap-up gadget provides an agent with an easy to use interface to search, select and apply wrapups/disposition codes to inbound and outbound calls. The wrap-up codes are displayed based on the category/Skill. Category/Skill comes pre-selected by the gadget, based on the queue the call was directed to. Queue Name must be passed to finesse in one of the call variables.

Contrary to the default Cisco wrap-up gadget that appears once the call ends, ExpertFlow Wrap up gadget appears as soon as the call lands which helps the agent to assign wrap up reason at any time during the call.

Call Parking Gadget
Call Parking Gadget

This wrap-up gadget comes with a configuration panel for system administrators, allowing them to easily define categories, wrap ups and assign wrap-up codes to each these categories.

Standalone Finesse gadgets

Call Parking Gadget

Call parking gadget provides an agent to park a call if a high priority/emergency call arrives. The agent can add a small description to the parked call to facilitate later assistance.

The “parking space”, visible in the gadget shows a list of parked calls, along with the agent’s name who initially took the call, with attached description,comments and the total park duration. Agents can retrieve any call from this list.

Call Parking Gadget
Call Parking Gadget

Supervisor Whisper Gadget

Using whisper coaching, the supervisor can instruct agents during a call without informing the customer. Furthermore, it allows contact center supervisors to covertly listen to a conversation between an agent and a customer. The gadget displays agents along with their current state (ready, not ready, talking etc) to the supervisor. Clicking on an agent while he/she is in ‘Talking’ state, starts the silent monitoring.

* CC Agents to be coached must have a Cisco BiB Enabled Hardphone for supervisor whisper to work.

CAD to Finesse

We help you make a smooth transition with value added gadgets to make sure you do not miss on any CAD feature while still enjoy the benefits of Finesse. Cisco Finesse Desktop is a next-generation agent and supervisor browser-based desktop solution designed to meet the growing needs of agents, supervisors, and the administrators and developers who support them.

A container architecture allowing gadget based integration for a unified desktop experience.

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Pricing Table

Gadgets Pricing
EF Finesse Gadgets Pack $150*
EF Call Parking Gadget $15000

* Per gadget per concurrent agent. Professional services are not included in the above-mentioned prices. Minimum order quantity is 25.

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