SMS messaging for Cisco Contact CentersCisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE, PCCE)

Reach out to your customers and get their concerns addressed instantly by adding an SMS channel to your Cisco Contact Center.

Get inbound SMS requests routed to an appropriate Cisco contact center agent to address the concern, send info over an inbound call via SMS agent gadget, a broadcast message to a group of customers and execute marketing & other business campaigns over SMS.

Additionally, connect to external systems such as IVR to send SMS notifications with the SOAP-based Webservices.

Outbound SMS Gadget

With the Finesse gadget, Cisco Unified Contact Center (UCC) agents can send SMS messages during an inbound call or at the end of the call. This helps in sharing information such as an appointment, or in the case of directory assistance, an SMS with the targeted person’s contact details. Agents may also choose to send an SMS from a predefined list of SMS templates, for the frequently asked questions.

SMS Integration with UCCX

Inbound SMS requests from customers are received by SMS Solution and routed to CCX chat agents in the form of chat messages. The Chat agents use the CCX Chat gadget to respond to the SMS request. The outbound chat message from the agent is converted into an SMS and sent to the customer by the SMS Server.


This integration with ECE or EIM, allows your contact center email agents to respond to an inbound SMS request via email in parallel to answering customer emails.
This assumes that each inbound SMS received on a shortcode is stored in the SMS Server and forwarded to the Email engine (EIM/ECE) in the form of an email. The outbound email from the agent then travels in the reverse direction and is delivered to the customer's phone in the form of an SMS.

Out-of-the-box SMS reports allow you to keep track of the inbound messages received from customers and the response(s) provided by agents to address the query.

SMS with Bot Frameworks

Our SMS server can work together with our Bot Framework, providing automated answers and back-office integrationsto SMS queries. SMS is then treated as a chat channel like any other (Facebook Messenger, Linkedin Chat, Webchat,...), and you can integrate with your back-office systems

Connect to your Mobile Operator

Our SMS Solution is capable of integration with any carrier or SMS service provider in use. The recommended interface for SMS communication is SMPP, which you can request to from your local mobile operator (usually a bulk SMS Enterprise Offering). Alternatively, your mobile operator might provide a URL-based interface.
Our SMS Server has the ability to connect to multiple SMPP gateways or carriers and optionally handle an automatic failover between them if the primary gateway/carrier fails to respond.

SMS Campaigns

Execute business campaigns over SMS to keep in touch with your customers and get them informed about new service launches. Pause an active campaign or add a schedule to automatically stop a running campaign. View overall summary statistics of the campaign on the same administration portal.

Integration APIs

The SMS Solution also exposes SOAP-based Webservices for external systems to connect to SMS Server and send SMS-based notifications to a customer.

Compatibility with specific versions of Cisco Contact Center Express (for SMS Integration with UCCX) and Enterprise (for SMS integration with UCCE)

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE, PCCE)

versions 10.0 and higher

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)

versions 10.6 and higher (Premium license)

Note: SMS Solution can co-reside with any of the existing modules of CC Admin.

Hardware Requirements

Server Cores 4 Cores
Hard Disk 120 GB

Software Requirements

Operating System Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition R2
Browser Chrome (the latest)
  • One or multiple SMPP Account(s): To establish an SMPP account with the SMS Solution
  • At least two IMAP/SMTP Accounts: To integrate with ECE or EIM for SMS2Email integration
  • Integrated SocialMiner with UCCX: For SMS integration with UCCX using CCX Chat gadget
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