ACTIVE_Surveys/ Quality Assurance

Omnichannel Survey

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)

Get customer feedback by triggering surveys via voice (IVR), SMS or web. Call center surveys can happen as part of the call by routing the call to the call at the end of the agent-call.  Alternatively, after the call as a separate follow-up survey.

Available for all Cisco contact center platforms including Express UCCX, Enterprise UCCE and Packaged CCE.

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Preferred Channel Selection

Select the most appropriate channel to get customer feedback. Use your IVR to utter a set of questions or send  SMS at the end of the call and/or show a web survey to the customer with a customizable questionnaire at the end of a UCCX chat.

Online Management of Call Center Surveys

Create several surveys per call center DN or helpline with a web-based admin portal. Switch a survey on or off at any time. Control survey execution with schedules to run surveys only during specified hour(s) of a day, day(s) of the week.

User-defined Questionnaires

Administrators define survey questions on their own. Add as many as 10 questions in a survey. Use different questionnaires in different surveys based on conditions such as the DN where the call landed.

Callback Surveys

Dial a delayed callback survey to the customer as soon an inbound call ends or proactively to a list of customers. Configure the callback delay as per your business requirements.

This feature is currently only available for the Cisco CCE platform. The support for CCX will also be added soon.


Get customer insights with detailed survey reports. Since the survey solution is part of Expertflow CIM, survey results can also be attached to the customer interaction history and made available to agents with the Customer Profile & Interactions gadget, to let them handle future interactions more carefully .

Survey scores can be extracted and stored in external systems such as your CRM over APIs and can also be made available as Cisco CUIC reports.

Survey Dashboards

A customized survey dashboard can be designed through ExpertFlow Dashboards&Wallboards Application.

You can define gadgets and see statistical survey data the way you wish.

The Dashboard application is not added to the default product offering. Talk to sales to add the module on demand if required.

See Survey Features for more details.

Hardware Requirements

See Hardware Sizing sheet for machine specifications.

Software Requirements

Operating SystemCentOS 7
BrowserChrome (the latest)
Docker CEDocker CE 18+ and docker-compose
DatabaseMS SQL Server 2014/2016 Standard or Enterprise editions. To support an HA deployment, an SQL Server fail over cluster is required to be set up to provide DB fail over.

Customer Interaction Management

Schedule, track, score customer interactions and context, linked to your CRM
Multi-channel outbound campaign manager, directly from a CRM
Callers can request a callback either from a webpage or while waiting in a calling queue
Surveys / Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance and Customer (satisfaction) scores after a call / interaction
Customer Profiles
Add/ edit customer records on-premise. Sync Customer profiles from the corresponding CRMs
Interaction history
Follow a customer's journey across channels (IVR, Voice, Email, Chat, Social, SMS). Do the same per agent and link it to your CRM
Agent Guidance
Scripted call guides and forms for agents
Tagging and Wrap up
Add tags/ labels/ wrap-up reasons to interactions