Voice AI connect

Voice ai
SIP/WebRTC AI connect (Voice, Video, Fax)
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE), Freeswitch, FusionPBX

We’re the plumbers of artificial intelligence, connecting your existing communication channels and human agents to the AI engines of your choice, for voice, video or chat.

AI engines can extract information, automate conversations or support a human agent in real-time. 

The Expertflow SBC (Session Border Controller) provides SIP or WebRTC connectivity, as well as metadata transfer between one or multiple AI engines and your contact center and back-end systems.

Conversational IVR

Build a conversational IVR by combining a Chatbot/ NLU with an Automated Speech Recognition engine.

AI engines that we have integrated with:

Freely combine multiple engines to achieve a business outcome, adapt to a certain language, move between cloud and on-prem solutions or reduce costs.


Voice AI connect use cases

AI can also assist your live contact center agents with context-relevant activities and information during the call.

For a speech channel, you can perform:

  • Speech Recognition/ Conversational IVR
  • Voice Biometrics/ Speaker Identification
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Detect abusive language
  • Detect emotions

Video face recognition

If your SIP or WebRTC trunk contains video, you can conduct real-time face recognition, using for example Microsoft Face APIAmazon Rekognition or Google Cloud Vision API.


Enhanced Fax capabilities

If your SIP trunk contains a fax, it can:

  1. receive a fax and store or forward an image
  2. conduct OCR (optical character recognition) to extract text, for example using Google Tesseract OCR , Amazon Textract or Microsoft OCR (Computer Vision)
  3. execute NLU (Natural Language Understanding) on the text to extract meaning and information from that text

Scripted IVR with node.red

Create a simple IVR call flow using an embedded node.red visual designer.

Conversational IVR

Passive AI