Cloud Contact Center

Expertflow Contact Center

Allow your sales and support teams to work from any location, serving customers on voice or chat. No need for infrastructures such as servers or phones. Use our contact center software on a monthly pay-per-use base.

Get local support in your language from our engineering teams located in Switzerland, the USA, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Pakistan, India that implemented several dozen award-winning on-prem and cloud enterprise call centers.

Expertflow provides local telephony connectivity in many locations. Choose whether our cloud software should run on your servers or hosted by Expertflow.

Create winning customer service

Improve your customer experience (CX)


Unique capabilities


Global secure presence

We use global cloud services from the large vendors, and also have additional local points of presence and telephony connectivity in Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Contrary to other cloud providers, this means that your clients won’t experience a round-trip delay to servers in the UK or the US. Should international fibers to Europe or the US be impacted, the local POP will continue to operate without any impact on your customer service. With the cloud version, there is no need to install servers or purchase phone sets – all you need is a web browser.

We offer a managed hybrid solution, where you can choose whether calls and sensitive data (calls, recordings) remain on your premises or in your country (yellow servers below).


Phone numbers and SIP interconnect

Transfer your existing phone number or purchase new numbers from your local operator and interconnect to our solution via SIP or E1 trunks. We can also provide you with local phone numbers as a service.

If you are in a country where the use of VoIP is restricted, you can legally use our solution by using TDM/ E1 interconnections.

Security and failover

Call signalling from your customers is received via your local operator, and received at our central SIP proxy servers, who also act as primary layer of security. The calls are then forwarded to the server (in the region, country, or on-prem) in load-balancing mode, where they receive IVR announcements. From there, calls are routed to your agents that only need a web browser. In case of non-responsiveness, failure, or overload of a server, calls are automatically load-balanced to one of the other close servers for continuity, and agent connectivity is automatically balanced to the surviving server. You can mix on-prem servers for data privacy/ proximity/ low round-trip delays, and still use the Expertflow server farm as a failover environment.

System Requirements

The Cloud Contact Center runs on a multi-server deployment. No servers are required unless you wish to keep voice calls local on-premise. Contact us for on-premise deployments - preliminary design guides are available here.