Webphone for Cisco UCCX, UCCE, PCCE

ExpertFlow's Home Working Solution for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)

This solution enables agents on a web browser without VPN, nor any installable software to securely login to a Cisco contact center and receive a phone call directly from a web browser.

While other solutions might provide a WebRTC webphone, Expertflow also allows agent state and mediacontrols (via Finesse server). Furthermore all functionality (agent state and media controls, as well as chat) can be directly embedded into a CRM.

From a Cisco perspective, these agents are using the “Cisco Mobile agent” setup, as documented in the Cisco features guide, here for version 12.6.

Webphone architecture

The agents login to a web application (with or without SSO/ LDAP), which then registers them in Cisco Finesse. The (Finesse Server) CTI controls login in mobile agent nailed-down mode, and specifies both an internal extension, as well as (as seen from CCE) an “external” extension. This is usually the agent’s private mobile or landline phone. This login procedure can optionally be simplified via the Java/ JMS SDK by Expertflow https://docs.expertflow.com/gc/latest/business-features. Unlike with Finesse Desktops and to simplify, agents don’t need to enter an internal CTI Port (such an extension is automatically assigned based on an agent directory), nor an external extension (the SDK takes care of that).

Upon login via the CTI controls, CCE initiates a call to the external extension which is received on the Expertflow SIP/ RTP Proxy. The WebRTC call is forwarded to the WebRTC JScript plugin on the agent’s website, which is controlled by the agent telephony widget. The WebRTC widget accepts the call automatically on behalf of the agent (or is set to auto-answer).

Once an agent goes on not-ready or logs out, the WebRTC connection is freed up to release CTI ports on CUCM.

WebRTC has the advantage that it is natively encrypted via DTLS, but virtual SIP phones can also be envisaged.

WebRTC / Webphone for customer calls

You can also use the WebRTC/ Webphone for customers, to enable them to call you via voice/ video directly from your website - see expertflow.com/webrtc