Customer Geolocation in Customer Care

Customer Geolocation in Customer Care

Certain call or chat scenarios require to know more information from the customer during a call or chat, such as his geo-location, IP address, ISP name, browser etc. 

Expertflow CIM gathers geo-location in the following sequence:

  1. CIM generates a random unique temporary session ID for a customer that is interacting with the contact center (a chatbot, an IVR, a human agent), typically a numerical code of up to five digits
  2. This session ID is then communicated to the customer in either of the following forms:
    1. Read over the voice channel (IVR, agent)
    2. Sent via a chat message (SMS, Whatsapp, FB Messenger,…)
    3. attached to an URL in the following format http://<>?<sessionID>
  3. The customer enters the sessionID Into his web browser. This can happen by just calling an URL such as http://<>?<sessionID> , or by entering the code into a dedicated form field of the browser.
  4. When doing so, this triggers the Expertflow Browser Tag/ Javascript, which will store a cookie in that user’s browser to associate that browser with that user. At the same time, the Javascript will gather information about the browser and send it back to CIM as an activity. The gathered information can contain temporary Geolocation information, using the W3C Geolocation API, or here from Mozilla.

If the browser ID is already associated with a customer and a company cookie is stored in his browser, no identification is required. If the customer is on a company’s website and if the customer gave the company website the permission to gather his geo-location, it is sufficient if the customer simply executes an action (page reload, button click,…) on the company website, that will then re-send the customer location.

This procedure

  • uses a W3C standard that is supported by all major browsers
  • Is working in the background as a Javascript, and data is transmitted via the data layer of the browser. So the visual interface can be freely customized.
  • Can be used both on mobile and desktop/ tablet browsers
  • Works in the standalone version of Expertflow CIM, or when integrated with a contact center, such as Cisco UCCX, UCCE, PCCE or Genesys.