Customer Interaction ManagementCisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE) or PCCE

Landing page text: Schedule, track and score customer interactions. Customer Interaction Management (CIM) can complement/ add features to your CRM or cloud-based Cisco Context Services and sync objects with both, or it can run standalone. All data of CIM remains on ( premise-based ) servers of your choice.


Blended campaign and callback manager with voice and SMS. Can use the following CIM Modules: a)customer profile for customer info and dialing preferences. b) CRM integration API to run campaigns directly from your CRM, or schedule callbacks from Website queries c) Conversation guide for agents.

Callback Management

A drag n drop administration interface for UCCX supervisors for reskilling agents and managing changes to CSQs in near real time.

Facilitate your customers with an option to get a callback, without waiting for long. Reduce the queue waiting times, enhance the customer-service experience and increase the customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance / Surveys

QA supervisors listen to and then score recorded voice calls (requires the VR module of CIM) or chats. Customers can give their (satisfaction). Surveys questions can run on the IVR, via a separate call back, with an SMS dialogue or via a web interface.

Customer Profiles

Edit/ add customer profile information such as language, status, account numbers, PIN, preferred agent, address, phone numbers, email address, social media profiles and others. Customer profiles are linked with interactions. Manage VIP, Gold, Silver, and Regular contacts to route calls based on the customer profile.

Wrap-up Gadget

An agent can search, select and apply wrapups/disposition codes to inbound and outbound calls. The wrap up codes are displayed based on the category/skill (depending on the queue the call was directed to).

Contrary to the default Cisco wrap-up gadget that appears once the call ends, our gadget appears as soon as the call lands which helps the agent to assign wrap up reason at any time during the call.

Forms & Scripts

Forms & Scripts tool enables contact center managers to build intelligent call scripts or forms to be popped up during in/outbound calls on the agent desktop. These forms can either be step-by-step guides, questionnaires or a plain form containing information for contact center agents to guide them during the call. Agents can ask questions reading the script or record customer feedback in the form during the call.

This helps in delivering a more effective and consistent customer experience.

Interaction History

CIM plots a customer journey on the agent screen in a timeline view of the recent activities. Every interaction is stored as an activity in CIM and linked to a contact and a Task. A Task is a specific issue such as (i) new online sales order of a product, (ii) a complaint for the broadband service disruption, (iii) an issue in online service subscription, etc. Journey Maps retain the customer interaction context across all channels and present the same interaction history to the agent on Live Chat, SMS, phone call, or branch visit.

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