Expertflow has a strong team of seasoned Callcenter, IVR and CRM professionals, along with solid presales and support processes. We are looking to expand our team geographically and enter into new markets by the means of IT Franchising.

If you are an IT professional with excellent client relationships in your territory, this might be an opportunity for you to set up your own company. The following criteria would have to be met:

  • You have at least five years exposure as IT sales in your territory, ideally with a SW developer background and sales experience, ideally in the target industry segments of Expertflow (Service Providers, Banks, Utilities, Airlines)

  • You are able to sustain yourself, and two employees financially for one year
  • You are NOT a local Cisco EUC/ AUC partner, in order not to conflict with our partner model . This means that you would be playing the "red" part in the partner model diagram only, and not to conflict with local IPT partners (the blue part). You will be providing only services in the Expertflow portfolio, and particularly no others in parallel or that might conflict with Expertflow or Cisco Channel services/ products
  • You will invest into trainings required for a Cisco UCCE Satellite certification, optionally into Microsoft CRM SW Advisor,  laptops for all employees, a server, broadband internet connection.
  • You are not in a market where Expertflow already has a strong presence (Gulf, Pakistan, Sub-Saharan Africa). Ideal Franchisee locations would be in Emerging Markets, in particular Latam, Turkey, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, China, Central Asia. Secondary locations could be Mahgreb or non-emerging countries (note that Expertflow is specialized on client requirements in Emerging markets)

Your Benefits

  • All back-office infrastructure (IT infrastructure such as file shares and email, offer tools/ documentation/ leaflets, processes, invoicing, accounting administration, presales and implementation etc) will be covered by Expertflow, so you don't need to do large pre-investments and investigations and can focus on your clients instead

  • You will be working under the Expertflow name, be linked from the Expertflow WWW-page, have an Expertflow email, and search results and inquiries to your territory will be forwarded to you

  • Expertflow will introduce to the local Cisco Channels and help you evaluate your local market potential and competitors

  • Regular guidance/ in-house online trainings

If you qualify for the above please contact our CEO Andreas Stuber, by chat or through the Swiss phone numbers.