Mobile Agent for Cisco Finesse on UCCE, PCCE and UCCX for Voice and Chat

Mobile Agent for Cisco Finesse on UCCE, PCCE and UCCX for Voice and Chat

This mobile app for iPhone and Android allows business owners to communicate in real-time with their customers.

Universal Chat client: Receive live chat over any chat channel (website, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp,…) using Expertflow’s Hybridchat solution. Agents/ customer service representatives (CSR’s) can work alongside any Chabot of your choice.

Calls: The app can receive phone calls as a Mobile Finesse client for companies using Cisco UCCX/ UCCE/ PCCE Contactcenters. Agents login and set their status on the mobile app, and recieve phone calls over their GSM or analogue phone lines. 

Mobile Agent Cisco Finesse UCCX PCCE UCCE Chat Voice


Agents/ customer service representatives (CSR’s) only need their mobile phone to support customers.

Customer information from CIM or any third party applications is also displayed to the agent.


  • Expertflow Hybridchat (for chat) and/ or Customer Interaction licenses (for voice)
  • For Contact centers, an additional port on your voice gateway / CUBE is consumed for the phone line to the agent

Status Feb 2020:

  • The mobile app for Android and iPhone is available for Chat. 
  • A mobile-friendly version is available for voice, which will be migrated/ merged into the mobile app in May 2020.
  • Features from other existing Expertflow gadgets (CIM, Dashboards,…) will be migrated from the Finesse to the mobile version as per customer demand.