Missouri Poison Center uses Hybridchat by Expertflow

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Missouri Poison Center uses Hybridchat by Expertflow

The Missouri Poison Center uses Expertflow Hybrid Chat to support citizens via SMS and webchat. It also uses Expertflow’s voice recording and interaction history tool to have a view of all interactions of a user. All apps are embedded within Cisco Finesse and provide media blending with Cisco UCCX. Reporting is consolidated in Cisco CUIC.

Hybridchat enables support agents to escalate/ conference a conversation to supervisors, who can then assist the front-line worker. MPS is evaluating the activation of other chat channels (mainly Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp) and the use of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with Hybridchat to automatically assist the agent with knowledge base articles based on what the customer queries are.

What else can we do?

All Expertflow functions can be embedded within the contact center app (Cisco Finesse or Genesys) or directly into the CRM, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing an agent to handle all media (voice and chat) from within the CRM. Hybridchat can also handle public comments on a company’s social media pages such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Comments can be monitored on social pages via Natural language understanding (NLU).

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Missouri Poison Center Feedback: 

“The Missouri Poison Center is a 24/7 contact center. We implemented ExpertFlow Hybrid Chat in 2019. The company culture strives for customer success, from the CEO to the helpdesk. Everyone was proactive and eager to assist us with ideas, solutions, and customization. We presented the company with many workflow needs during the design, implementation, and support phases; the ExpertFlow team consistently delivered enhancements. We are pleased with the company culture and continue investing in their products and services.”


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