Why Expertflow chooses WebRTC for customer care

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Why Expertflow chooses WebRTC for customer care

WebRTC enables customers to contact companies securely with encrypted voice-or video calls and screen-sharing sessions via a simple web browser or a mobile app. A payable landline or GSM connection is no longer required. Similarly, contact center agents don’t need to install a softphone or plugin to receive phone calls. They can log in to a browser and serve clients via chat, voice, video, and screen share.

The open WebRTC standard is supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla and comes with a broad ecosystem to adapt to enterprise customer needs. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Amazon Chime use it. Expertflow supports WebRTC as a customer- or agent-facing channel. New features provided to customers that are not available with traditional SIP phones include:

  • No need to installToll-free OTT calling to customer service
  • Video calling
  • Screenshare with screen real-estate (such as pwd fields) that can be masked
  • Multi-channel conversations (chat plus voice, chat plus video, visual IVR, metadata transfer,…)
  • Registration of multiple mobile devices for one customer

Website New Capabilities

Voice/ video and screen sharing are new capabilities of a website. Any capability deployed on a website can be combined with WebRTC, meaning there is great versatility in use-case scenarios that are not bound or limited by any vendor. For example, Expertflow provides the following add-on features to WebRTC through a common SDK:

  • Customer identification and authentication
  • Customer interaction history across all channels
  • Pre-conversation form/ capturing website data and tags for skill-based routing
  • Post collaboration survey
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Real-time contact center stats (expected waiting time, available agents)

WebRTC makes things easier for IT as no remote devices need to be monitored, and NAT/ firewall traversal is greatly simplified. 

Quality of Service and Systems monitoring is provided with the open RTCP (Real-Time Transport Control Protocol) standard, which allows companies to dynamically adapt their Codec and, therefore, quality based on network and bandwidth quality.

Expertflow provides carrier-grade WebRTC, allowing several thousand concurrent calls on a single server, automated failovers and sophisticated security frameworks. Expertflow WebRTC can run standalone or be integrated with a Cisco Contact center with a simple SIP trunk and metadata transfer.

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