IVR Mailbox Solution

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IVR Mailbox Solution

With EF IVR Mailbox Solution available for Cisco UCCX/ UCCE or PCCE, a caller can  leave a message while on the IVR menu to register any complaint or book any order. The customer can opt for the voicemail option and disconnect the call after recording the message. EF IVR mailbox provides a web interface through CUIC to access these recorded messages where the agents or supervisors can view call information and click the link of the recorded call. Based on the recording message, Supervisor can decide whether to schedule an outbound call or provide any information through SMS or open a task for the back office and send a confirmation message through SMS to the caller along with the tracking ID. Below is the table which shows how reports will be generated in Excel Sheet.

Date/Time of callRecording DurationCaller NumberPlayback Recordings
FilenameRecording URL
05/04/2016 09:121233Asdxyz.wavhttp://
05/04/2016 09:121233Asdxyz.wavhttp://

This solution can be combined with click-to-dial functionality after the agent or supervisor recorded to the recording.


Customer in IVR

While the caller is in IVR, a prompt can be played that “Press x to leave a voice message and we will get back to you”. If the customers select this option and record the message, Supervisor is notified through CUIC reports that a caller has left a message. The supervisor will click on the URL provided in the report and will listen to the recording and a decision is made what the customer wants such as an outbound call is made to the customer or EF SMS Server can be used to send an SMS to the customer.

Customer in Queue

The administrator can define a wait time that a caller has to wait in a queue in order to hear a prompt which will ask the caller to leave a voice message if he/she does not want to wait anymore.


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