Hybridchat comparison with Cisco Socialminer, ECE Chat, Livechat, Tawk and other chat tools

Hybridchat comparison with Cisco Socialminer, ECE Chat, Livechat, Tawk and other chat tools

Cisco’s native free on-board contact center chat tools – Socialminer (SM) chat for UCCX and ECE chat for PCCE/ UCCE – provide a solid customer chat framework. For certain scenarios, additional features are required, which is why Expertflow developed the award winning Hybrid Chat.

The following differentiates Hybridchat from all alternatives, be it SM, ECE, and standalone chat solutions such as Livechat or tawk.to:

  • Hybrid chat, where agent and any chatbot of your choice complement each other throughout a chat conversation
  • Auto-suggestions by a chatbot if you prefer agents to accept responses manually
  • Integrates natively with both UCCX and UCCE for media blending and routing. No change of integrations if you change the contact center version
  • Agent interface available as standalone app, as Finesse Gadget, or as widget in selected CRM solutions (for ex Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Callback from a chat
  • Chat as part of an outbound campaign
  • runs on-prem with granular access rights

The following can be achieved with SM/ ECE, without requiring Hybrid Chat. Hybridchat provides most of these off-the-shelf, or as add-on modules and services to either SM or ECE:

  • connectors to Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, Viber, SMS via an SMPP gateway, Telegram, Whatsap (via Twilio or Messagebird).
  • integration to Chatbots for a simple handoff, such as IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, rasa.ai, Microsoft Botframework
  • transfer of context from customer information (link to navigation history, captcha result, forms information) to Finesse (or the Expertflow CIM Finesse gadget), and initiating an action as a Finesse workflow. Note that these actions can only be called at the beginning and the end of a chat session.
  • Customized customer webchat or mobile chat interfaces
  • Live customer website navigation on the website during a live chat session, in the form of messages in a different font as seen in the agent interface
  • consolidated interaction history of chat and voice calls in one single customer journey (Expertflow CIM)
  • Streaming real-time customer website activities during a phone call or chat session, captured by Google Tag Manager/ Analytics, as described here, using Expertflow’s Customer Interaction tool.

The following features are available with Hybridchat and typical standalone Livechat solutions, but not with Social Miner chat and ECE as per March 2020), as these would require agent-side capabilities that are not available from Socialminer or ECE chat :

  • Rich Messaging (Carousels, Cards, Buttons, Geolocation,…), customized system messages
  • Post Collaboration survey after a call via chat, or within the chat after a chat
  • persistent chat for the same customer over several days, and across multiple customer identities
  • handoff of chat sessions from one agent to the next, conferencing of multiple agents and supervisor barge-in