CUCM Connector via JTAPI First Dev Release

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CUCM Connector via JTAPI First Dev Release

Expertflow has released CTI telephony controls for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) version, dedicated to business telephony users. Until now, these were only available for Contact center users (UCCX, CCE).

Pre-built integrations exist for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Service Now, Oracle, and SAP. The developer API is targeted towards companies with a different CRM or ticketing solution for which they would like to add call control capabilities.

What’s unique as compared to JTAPI?

Developers find the JavaScript /JMS (Java Messaging Service), Java SDK controls much easier and more robust to integrate with than connecting directly to JTAPI (in a Business Telephony case) or Finesse (in a Call center case). Expertflow provides easy-to-use JMS/ AMQ/ RabbitMQ controls that drastically reduce development effort. We directly support JavaScript UX frameworks such as React, AngularJS or .NET.

The CTI connector supports all telephony features that are exposed by CUCM, such as registering, accepting a call, dialing an outbound call, blind transfer, conference call, transfer call, and releasing the call. Click here for the business features and developer guide.

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