CC AdminCisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE) or PCCE

A simplified administration interface for call center administrators and supervisors.

Rich web-based drag n drop management interface, allowing you to re-skill agents, manage contact service queues and scripts, run campaigns, collaboration surveys, announcements, create caller lists, manage quality and have access to real-time reporting, without the need to configure complex work-flows.

Large contact centers having (UCCE or PCCE) might use Cisco Contact Center Management Portal (CCMP), i.e. the former Exony Virtualized Interaction Manager (VIM) or CCDM for HCS environments. ExpertFlow provides similar kind of functionalities for both CCX or CCE in a less complex, integrated user-friendly drag-and-drop environment. We use a variety of protocols such as ConAPI, UCCXAPI, CCE API and AXL to achieve this functionality.


Simple drag and drop user interface for Cisco UCCX supervisors to reskill agents and Contact Service Queues (CSQs).

It reduces the overall time and hassle to go to CCX administration and change agent groups for reskilling.

  • Reskill agents with a drag and drop UI
  • Agent Management


This module enables cisco UCCX and UCCE administrators to create and manage announcements on the fly. Manage unplanned outages by dynamically defining an IVR announcement and calendar/schedules to insert time-controlled announcements. Create and organize prompts by assigning them to respective workspaces.

  • Business Calendars
  • Easy Announcements
  • Prompts


Give your Cisco contact center supervisors the freedom to manage automated outbound campaigns from a web-based portal. Leveraging on Cisco Outbound dialing capabilities, ECM offers you the freedom to import contact lists from any external data source, auto dial those contacts and implement conditional call strategies (rescheduling options) based on the dialer outcomes. REST-based APIs provide the flexibility to create and manage unlimited voice campaigns, have the call results updated against each prospect and view consolidated campaign reports, all from your preferred CRM. A toggle button makes it easy to start and abort campaigns at any time.

  • User-defined Call Strategies
  • Schedule campaigns for certain days of the week
  • Start, Stop or Resume campaigns on the go
  • Seamless integration with third-party CRM
  • Dynamic changes to campaign prompts
  • Do Not Call (DNC) Lists

Customer Interaction Data

Customer Interaction Data provides a premise-based alternative to the cloud-based Cisco Context Services (CCS). It allows storage of customer data (such as account numbers, PIN, preferred languages, preferred agent), tags (such as VIP status, blocked caller, malicious callers,...), as well as interaction data per customer for any type of interaction.

  • Call treatment using on-premise data repository
  • Customer Data Finesse Gadget

Collaboration Survey

Get customer feedback for multi-channel interactions, including voice calls, web chats, or physical interactions at a shop/site. Send your customers a feedback survey via your preferred channel. Do an IVR survey, drop an SMS, or present an HTML form after a customer interaction ends. Evaluate the quality of customer service with the detailed summary and statistical reports.

  • Online Management of Contact Center Surveys
  • Survey via preferred channel
  • User-defined Questionnaires
  • Reports


Simplified administration for Cisco Contact Center Express (UCCX) supervisors and administrators. Equip you supervisors with the ability to manage scripts, virtualized contact centers with shared CCX, and set up new applications.

  • Workspace views
  • One-step Application & Script Management
  • Synchronized with CCX
  • SSO with Finesse

Compatibility with UCCX and UCCE

Application Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
Customer Data
Collaboration Survey
Web Analytics