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Skill-based routing

Route customers to the agent with the most relevant skills

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Precise routing

EFCX features multi-step skill-based routing of a conversation (chat, voice, video, email,..).  to the agent with the most relevant skills for handling their concerns of the caller, based on several criteria which can be configured. This ensures that customers are assisted by agents who have the tools and training necessary to resolve concerns efficiently, increasing customer satisfaction and their chances of resolving concerns immediately.

Skill-based routing can further improve the performance and productivity of agents by letting a specialized agent handle queries that align with their skills, reducing their average time with callers.


Can be used in both inbound calls and outbound campaigns

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Use Precision Routing to direct clients to the right agent when multiple skills are mandatory to be fulfilled at the same time such as spoken language, domain knowledge or having treated this very customer already in a previous session.

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