Hybridchat and Genesys

Hybridchat and Genesys

Hybrid Chat (HC) for Genesys PureEngage allows the agent to see contextual answer suggestions from the chatbot next to the chat window within his Workspace throughout a conversation. HC auto-sends the chatbot’s top-ranking answer after a timeout, if the confidence score is sufficiently high. New in the Agent Workspace are the answer suggestions in the right window below, showing the best answer for a given state of a conversation, along with a timer, after which the top-ranking answer will be sent to the client. This significantly reduces the time required by an agent during a chat session:

This eliminates manual lengthy picking of standard responses from the list picker, for which HC can be an addition or replacement. It also contrasts with a traditional handoff from a chatbot to an agent, such as what is available with Kate (bar on the left in the image below). With HC, the chatbot continuously supports the agent even during later stages of the conversation (scenario on the right):

HC integrates with IBM Watson, Microsoft Botframework, Google Dialogflow, rasa.ai and has an API to integrate other chatbots. It allows customer also to use multiple NLU (Natural Language Understanding) engines in parallel together and use certain engines for certain scenarios only.

The solution uses Direct Messaging Services (DMS), the Bot Gateway Server (BGS) in parallel mode, and Genesys Hub to connect to chat channels (Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp, Apple Business Chat, SMS). Expertlow has developed custom Media Channels for additional rich-media chat channels such as Viber, Telegram, MMS or WeChat.

It would in principle be possible to implement Hybridchat without using DMS and BGS, similar to how it is done in a Cisco environment. There is no concrete timeline for that development, however.