Combine Voice and Chat Campaigns, and conduct Surveys

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Combine Voice and Chat Campaigns, and conduct Surveys

We are merging our top-selling products into the unified framework of CIM (Customer Interaction Management). This blog describes how CIM, Campaign Manager, Post Collaboration Satisfaction Surveys and Hybridchat relate to each other and why it makes sense to have them part of a single framework. These products are now available under a single unified license.

      1. List import, deduplication, and synchronization are done with CIM.

      2. The campaign manager takes a list of customers (or one customer only) from CIM and attempts to open a channel towards the customer.

      3. The voice channel is opened via Outbound Dialer call attempts, the chat channel by sending a chat message to the bot, triggering a Chatbot response that is sent to the customer.

      4. Once a connection is established, there might be a survey (Agent Guidance on Finesse, IVR questionnaire, Chat questionnaire). A survey is a sequence of (voice or text) questions sent by the survey bot to either the agent via Finesse or the customer via IVR or chat. This can be either a traditional fixed sequence or an NLU dialog.

      5. Responses are stored as activities to CIM, from which reports are then generated.

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