Run outbound voice campaigns on Cisco Callcenters directly from Siebel Marketing. Use the Siebel Marketing CRM interface to create and manage outbound campaigns on Cisco UCCX, PCCE or UCCE. The process is fully automated and integrated, so that users will never have to leave the Siebel Marketing interface. You can also start/ pause/ stop campaigns in execution and view updates on the campaign progress inside Siebel Marketing


ECM offers end-to-end integration with Siebel CRM with the following workflow:

  1. Create a campaign in Siebel Marketing. 
  2. Associate an internal list of contacts with the campaign in Siebel Marketing.
  3. When the campaign is ready to be launched, initiate“Siebel Campaign Launch Workflow” process. This will start distributing/exporting contact lists to ExpertFlow Campaign Manager (ECM) using vendor profiles/distribution lists already set up in Siebel.
  4. Once the contacts are uploaded to ECM, ECM will start sending the contacts to Cisco Outbound dialer for making calls.
  5. The results of calls will be attached by ECM back to existing contacts of Siebel Marketing, using the same contact ID as during the campaign creation. Siebel Marketing will take care of the mapping of the responses with those of individual contacts & making sure that the duplicate contacts are not created.
  6. For callbacks: This is only possible with Expertflow’s Siebel CTI connector for agents, and to the extent to which this is supported by the OB dialer’s callback functionality. (not a committed function.



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