ACTIVE_Call Parking Gadget

Call Parking Gadget

Finesse Gadget Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)

Agents can park and retrieve calls on an IVR port. This allows them to either handle multiple calls at the same time, switching back and forth between calls. This also known as call swapping/ brokering. It can also be used as an intermediate contact who then reach out to experts (nurses reaching out to doctors in a medical hotline, or lead generators reaching out to sales reps). This gadget allows you to execute these actions within a Finesse gadget, and share this info amongst multiple agents and within a callcenter context.

The “parking space”, visible in the Finesse gadget shows a list of parked calls, along with the agent’s name who initially took the call, with an attached parking reason and the total parked duration.

A more advanced solution that also involves paging can be found here.

Parking a call

Call Parking transfers the call to an IVR port (IP-IVR or CVP), and makes these parked calls visible to agents in a Finesse gadget. It is possible to configure the gadget, so an agent can see all parked calls or just their own parked calls.

An agent can park/swap an active contact center call with a parking reason. This toggling is a blind transfer to an IVR/CVP port or CUCM DN number. In the Finesse gadget, the call is put to a “parking space”, and the agent will be set automatically to READY state to retrieve the next callcenter call.

He can also park a conference call. The conference call will be transferred to the parking space and all participants except the caller will be dropped from the conference.

Call Retrieval from Parking

When switching back a parked/swapped call, the call is blind-transferred from the IP-IVR or CVP port to the agent. An agent can switch back/unpark a call if he is in READY, NOT READY, TALKING or a WORK state.

Pick a Call from a Priority Queue

Expertflow provides Cisco ICM/UCCE/PCCE or UCCX script to pick a call from a priority queue. As soon as a call arrives on the priority queue, it is shown on the same Call parking gadget along with the clear notification/alert (e.g., Queue Name in Red), so that the agent knows there is an incoming call in the priority queue waiting.

An agent can click on the “pick call” button which will park the current call in a parking space and the selected call from High Priority Queue will be routed to that agent.

If ICM finds another free agent before the request of call picking is processed, the call will be routed to that free agent, the agent who picked the call will be shown an error and the call be removed from the parking gadget.


The following standard reports are provided as a part of this gadget. Currently, these reports are only available for the UCCE in CUIC. Customized reports other than the ones mentioned below can also be provided upon request.

Detailed Report

Agent Wise Report

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements
Server Cores2 Cores
Hard Disk40 GB
Software Requirements
Operating SystemWindows Server 2008 and above
DatabaseMS SQL Server, Standard (for redundant setup) or Express, 2008 or higher