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Quality Assurance

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Post Collaboration Surveys

Define when and over what channel your PCS (Post Collaboration Surveys) are conducted:

  • Chat survey with a human agent or chatbot after a chat session
  • Follow up outbound call by an agent or voicebot
  • Chat survey (via SMS, FB Messenger or WhatsApp) after a voice call


Collection of post-call quality feedback from supervisors can be scheduled / configured using the Conversation Studio. Quality Assessment can be scheduled both in push / or pull mode, meaning that either supervisors can pull from a list of agents / conversations to review, or supervisors will be pushed to a predefined conversation to review. With push mode, skill-based routing can be utilized to assign an optimal supervisor.

The supervisor will receive as input the recorded call and a form which he needs to fill out.  

The form filled out by the Supervisor and its data are saved as conversation data and attached to conversation. You can define who has access to this data.

Evaluate your agents' skill set

Record calls and let your supervisors evaluate your agent performances. Additionally, it is also possible to collect automatically generated data about customer satisfaction and collaboration such as sentiment analysis or toxic language detection. All these data collected from customer, supervisor and AI bots will be consolidated into one PCS report.

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Possible scenarios

  1. Immediately after the conversation, the agent can transfer the call to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that asks questions and collects the answers from the customer - either via DTMF keys or by using speech-to-text. In the case of a live chat session, he sends a link to a webpage with a form that the customer is requested to fill. The answers collected are attached as conversation data to that conversation.
  2. Alternatively, using the scheduler a separate post collaboration session is initiated, possibly through a different channel, such as an SMS survey after a call, or a link to a web form in an SMS. Despite this data being collected in a different session, the collected conversation data is saved as part of the same conversation.

The data collected by multiple PCS in forms can be used to create Reports with relevant summaries, analytics or evolutions of trends etc.