Mobile Agent

The mobile agent app is available as a Cisco Finesse Gadget and also an integration for iPhone/ Android. Agents can support customers using their mobile phones, in the absence of a desktop or a VPN connection. The actual calls can be carried either over GSM or a data connection.

Calls via GSM: If GSM provides you with better speech quality, agents can receive customer calls using Cisco Extend&Connect (CCX) or Mobile Agent (CCE). Cisco supports only certain phone sets with UCCX or PCCE - Jabber or Webex for Mobile is not available, to E&C or Mobile Agent are the only options.

Mobile Chat client: Agents receive live chat over any chat channel (website, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp,…) using Expertflow’s Hybridchat solution. They can also work alongside existing chatbots.
What sets the Expertflow solution apart from other CRM connectors is that we also provide controls for chat and digital channels. Secondly, agents can receive phone calls directly through a WebRTC webphone embedded in your CRM, without requiring a physically installed softphone or hardphone.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)
Remote Call Alerts Mobile Finesse-cisco-uccx-ucce-pcce

Incoming Call Alerts for Remote Agents

Using Cisco Mobile Agent (CCE) and Cisco Extend&Connect(CCX) features, agents receive incoming calls from the contact center on their phone line. Once the call is answered, agents continue to use the ExpertFlow Mobile Agent App for other call controls such as hold/resume, transfer, conference, view call attached data, and/or apply wrap-up while ending the call, using simple internet without any VPN.

Finesse State Changes from Remote Locations

The same Finesse state changes as on the desktop versions are available to agents in this mobile app. For instance, field support or sales engineers can login to the mobile app as "Mobile Agent", make themselves Ready for calls, and start taking customer calls while they are on the move.

Furthermore, agent states are maintained even when the app runs in the background or when the phone is locked (until the user session expires).

Mobile Agent Finesse States-cisco-uccx-ucce-pcce
Mobile Finesse Caller Data Screen Popup-cisco-uccx-ucce-pcce

Call Attached Data

As in the Finesse desktop version, agents see the call attached data about the ongoing call within the mobile app. This helps to deliver a consistent, on-floor contact center experience to customers. Furthermore, it also allows agents to handle customer queries effectively even when they are away from the call center floor.

Call Wrap-ups

Agents may select and push wrap-up codes at the end of the call using the mobile app as they do with Cisco Finesse Desktop.

Mobile Finesse Wrap-up Codes-cisco-uccx-ucce-pcce

Mobile Chat Finesse Client

The mobile agent for telephony (a Finesse client for mobile phones) and mobile agent for chat are two separate apps. Its part of the roadmap to merge into a single unified mobile app to handle voice, non-voice customer requests.

To the right is a screenshot of the existing mobile chat app.

Use cases

  • Field sales and support engineers are constantly on the move. It’s almost impossible for them to sit inside the contact center premises and take customer queries. Mobile Agent app allows such engineers to be available as contact center Mobile Agents and take customer inquiries remotely. 
  • Out-of-office hours: Supervisors or experts usually need to remain available to attend to VIP customers outside of office hours. EF Mobile Agent allows them to answer VIP/ urgent calls outside of the contact center time and premises. 
  • Branch representatives as Mobile Agents: It is often needed to transfer customer calls to specific branch representatives while they are moving on the floor. EF Mobile Agent allows the branch staff to login as Mobile Agent and take customer calls while moving.

Customer Interaction Management

Schedule, track, score customer interactions and context, linked to your CRM
Multi-channel outbound campaign manager, directly from a CRM
Callers can request a callback either from a webpage or while waiting in a calling queue
Surveys / Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance and Customer (satisfaction) scores after a call / interaction
Customer Profiles
Add/ edit customer records on-premise. Sync Customer profiles from the corresponding CRMs
Interaction history
Follow a customer's journey across channels (IVR, Voice, Email, Chat, Social, SMS). Do the same per agent and link it to your CRM
Agent Guidance
Scripted call guides and forms for agents
Tagging and Wrap up
Add tags/ labels/ wrap-up reasons to interactions
Voice Recording
A simple, single-location integrated voice recording solution