Data protection (GDPR) and fraud prevention (PCI-DSS)

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Data protection (GDPR) and fraud prevention (PCI-DSS)

The European GDPR regulation of 2015 and older PCI-DSS requirement 2004 impose two functionalities to software storing customer data:

  • It must be possible to identify rapidly all data and records pertaining to a particular customer
  • Only users in a defined circumstance (while interacting, or while doing supervision) may access records with customer data

Many existing solutions fail with either one of these two elements.

CRM solutions typically centralize customer data, but don’t record details about interactions (recordings, chat data,…).

  • Specialized solutions for chat or voice recording often don’t contain identifiers to the customer, and it’s difficult to track down interactions from one particular customer
  • Several solutions would allow any contact center agent to allow access to all interactions to any customer, independently of the context (whether interacting with that customer or not).

Expertflow CIM addresses this need by allowing you to store all data encrypted, with access control lists. It also pulls together all interactions of a particular customer across all channels, so you can rapidly find and if necessary delete data of a certain customer.

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