Product Pricing Sheet

Product Pricing

Prices are GPL (Global Price List) and are comparable to equivalent Cisco pricings. Incoterms EXW, excl VAT, US Dollars. The same licenses can be used in agent-less cases (Chatbots, IVR/SMS/Web surveys, IVR/SMS campaigns). A CIM license is included in Hybrid Chat, Campaign, Surveys and Voicerecording. If an agent has a chat, campaign or survey license, the next licenses for the same agent is at a 50% rebate. Agents are concurrent agents. Extensions or CUCM users are named.

We also offer a pay-per-use model without up-front duration or volume commitment at a price of 5% of the on-time product fee per month




Ordering Rule

CRM Connectors for MSDynamics/SAP/Siebel/Oracle Service Cloud


per agent

Min. order quantity 25

Hybrid Chat, Campaigns and Surveys

per agent, up to 2500 interactions per month

Customer Interaction Management


per agent, up to 25 CUCM users, up to 2500 interactions per month

Voice Recording


per extension



per agent

Attendant console


Per attendant, to park and transfer calls to an internal directory via CIM

An interaction corresponds to

  • an entire chat session with less than 24 hours between two consecutive customer messages
  • a customer call (independently of the number of call legs)
  • A filled in survey
  • A successful outbound initiation (call, chat message), independently of the number of attempts

Annual maintenance is 23% of the initial GPL cost.

Professional services for installation are optional and are offered on-demand. Installation guides can be found on

Fees for SMS and Whatsapp

Chat via these two channels incur per-message fees payable to third parties, not included in our pricing. Expertflow interoperates with channel aggregators, such as Messagebird, Twilioinfobip or 360dialog . The fee is typically 0.005 US$ per message to the aggregator, plus a country-specific fee per “Template Message” to Whatsapp/ Facebook.

Alternatively and for companies that have a business contract with Facebook or Mobile operators for SMS, we support direct integrations