Expertflow wins Cisco & Google Cloud Challenge grand prize

Expertflow wins Cisco & Google Cloud Challenge grand prize

We are thrilled to have been awarded the Cisco & Google Cloud Challenge grand prize for our HybridChat solution, together with Bucher & Suter! Here is what Cisco Collaboration had to say about it. Here is a more detailed blog by Nik Zanetti – Bucher + Suter and Hybrid Chat for Cisco Journey Solutions by Massimiliano Caranzano – Cisco.

Helvetia Insurances is the first company to engage in this hybrid AI/ human approach in a production environment. Special thanks to Helvetia, to be the first client to test this new approach on having both their bot and human agents collaborate to serve customers, Massimiliano and the team at Cisco, Jürgen, Thorsten, Adrian from Bucher & Suter.

“Winning this award is amazing. And, being recognized by companies like Cisco and Google for having created useful technology lets us know that we’re working in the right direction.” – Andreas Stuber, CEO, Expertflow

Our award-winning solution came out of an effort to better integrate bot – agent functionality as a way of optimizing agent resource utilization.

Normally, bots have a hard time effectively handling complex customer transactions; inevitably, customers will ask questions the bots can’t answer, which typically has made it necessary for certain classes of transactions to be exclusively agent-based.

Our goal was to make it possible for businesses to implement a solution that could utilize both bots and agents in a seamless and highly efficient way.

We intend to scale customer service chat throughput by augmenting human input without eliminating it entirely. The architecture marries on-premise Cisco Container Platform for chat interaction with the human contact center agents and the chatbot chat system they use, within Google Cloud Platform/Dialogflow for the Artificial Intelligence engine making the suggested responses. Their solution also showed how a human can use this augmented experience to scale to handle more simultaneous chat conversations while improving response quality without sounding robotic.