Customer Interaction Management

Schedule, track, score customer interactions and context with a single tool

Multi-channel outbound campaign manager, directly from a CRM
Customers can request a callback either from a webpage or while waiting in a calling queue
Surveys / Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance and Customer (satisfaction) scores after a call / interaction
Customer Profiles

Add/ edit customer records on-premise and sync Customer profiles with your CRM

Hybrid Chat

Customers, agents and bots over any chat channel in a conference

Interaction history
Follow a customer's journey across channels (IVR, Voice, Email, Chat, Social, SMS). Do the same per agent and link it to your CRM
Agent Guidance
Deliver consistent call experience with Agent call scripter. Save training costs and increase agent productivity with step-by-step call guides
Tagging and Wrap up
Add tags/ labels/ wrap-up reasons to interactions
Voice Recording
A simple, single-location integrated voice recording solution

Customer Data repo

Add/ edit customer records on-premise. Sync records with CRM 

CRM Connectors

Pop up the caller’s profile when a call or media arrives; click-to-dial.
Oracle Service Cloud
SAP CIC or Hybris
Microsoft Dynamics
Oracle Siebel

Supervisor Tools

Non-technical supervisors can change agent skills with drag-n-drop, change IVR announcements, modify business calendars and logical call switches
Agent Reskilling
Agent skill and CSQ changes.
Record and change IVR announcements/ prompts.
Calendars and Switches
Calendars and logical Switches change the behavior of the call center script when activated.


CUIC Reports
A series of off- the-shelf CUIC reports, complementing Cisco’s native.
Dashboard / Wallboards
Out of the box, prebuilt gadgets, enabling administrators to design their own wall- and dashboard

Finesse Gadgets

Switching from CAD to Finesse or using Finesse for the first time, we provide an array of gadgets to increase agent efficiency, productivity and inter-team collaboration.
Supervisors whisper to agents during customer call.
Agent can select wrapup codes.
Customer Profile
Shows Customer Info from CIM to agent.
Interaction History
Shows the last five interactions per customer or per agent.
Agent Guidance
Scripted conversation guides for agents for in- and outbound calls.
Internal Chat
Agents can chat amongst each other.
Call Forwarding
Operators can see the availability status of agents, chat with them and then forward the call.

SMS/ Hybrid Chat

Send an SMS to the caller to share quick links or other useful, confidential info.
Call Parking
Park a call if a high priority/emergency call arrives. Add description/comments.

Media Routing

Route branch visitors, video sessions, chatbot requests to contact center agents with our Mediarouting engine.
CCX Media Routing
Route non-voice media of your choice to agents in UCCX.
Branch office and Video
Queue visitors at your branches, enable video interaction with contact center agents.