Whatsapp Business API

Whatsapp Business API

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE), Freeswitch/ FusionPBX or Expertflow Hybridchat standalone

Monthly flat fee of 500 USD for Whatsapp API and 1000 conversations per month.

Connect Chat channels, bots and live agents

Access to the Whatsapp Business API channel for companies is available for Expertflow Hybrid Chat (HC).

Other HC channels include Viber, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter DM, Whatsapp and others. Chatbot connectors exist for Google Dialogflow, Microsoft Botframework, IBM Watson, rasa.ai and others. The agent livechat widget can be embedded into CRM's such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce (SFDC), Oracle Siebel, Oracle Service Cloud or SAP.


Whatsapp Onboarding process

Steps to activate Whatsapp as a communication channel with your customers:

  • Create or fetch your Facebook Business Manager ID.
  • Expertflow or it's partner will send you a URL to the portal of a Whatsapp Business Solution provider (WBSP).
  • On the WBSP portal and via the URL, conduct the application, accept the terms of use.
  • On FB Business Manager, assign the WBSP to message on your behalf and complete the business verification.
  • On the WBSP, register your phone number and retrieve your WABA API Key
  • Enter the WABA Key into Expertflow Hybridchat and start chatting!

Note that these steps must be executed directly by the company using the WABA service and can't be done by either Expertflow or it's partner, as you will have a direct contract both with Facebook, as well as with the WBSP and are liable for the way how the WABA interface is used. Expertflow will provide you guidance throughout the process.


Facebook/Whatsapp has changed the pricing model. Now there will be country-specific additional fees after 1000 conversations/sessions per month either initiated by the end customer or you (Business). A conversation is defined as interactions that happen within a window of 24 hours that starts when business send/receive a message. This new pricing model will be implemented from Ist May 2022. In addition, Expertflow charges a flat monthly fee of 500 USD, independently of the number of active users. For very small deployments (lab, trial, testing, less than 1000 conversations per month), there will be only Expertflow fee of 500$ per month and no additional fee. For additional conversations i.e. after 1000 conversations, you/ the partner will receive a consolidated online bill for Whatsapp Template messages, and the WABA fixed fee, along with other pre-paid ppu (pay-per-use) services in the online Expertflow shop.


Messages transit from your client through Whatsapp (=Facebook) to the WBSP to Expertflow Hybridchat and hence the agent. You can choose to have the entire solution in the cloud, which is the basic setup. All messages are encrypted between each two servers. You can choose to have Expertflow's servers on-prem.

For 2021, we are currently working with our WBSP on an architecture that will alow a Docker Container of the WBSP to be located in your country or on your premises (extra charges will apply).