ExpertFlow designs and develops software applications that enhance the Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions of Cisco.

2000: It's senior management have been working in contact center technologies since 2000.

2007: Expertflow LLC in Switzerland was established in November 2007, originally as a Management buyout of B&S in the UAE. The company is entirely owned by the management and has no external debt. This guarantees a strong personal commitment to the long-term success of the company, as well as a financial solidity required to stem call center projects and operations of long durations.

2008: Creation and fast growth of our subsidiary in Lahore/ Pakistan, which provides most of the operations support and SW development.

2010: In February , Expertflow LLC in Cairo is created, to serve the Middle East, in particular, Egypt.

2011: ExpertFlow Morocco was set up in August 2011 in Rabat, to serve our clients in French-speaking Africa - primarily the Maghreb.

2012: Cisco names us Customer Collaboration partner of the year for MEA.

2013: Nairobi/ Kenya was set up in 2013 to serve East Africa.

2014: Lagos/ Nigeria starts, serving West Africa. Cisco names us their Customer Collaboration partner of the year 2014 for Europe, MiddleEast, and Africa.

2015: Ee started our Sales activities in French-speaking Europe. We nos serve over 100 clients.

2016: Started selling our Software products on a worldwide basis.

2017: Opened office in Southafrica

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