EF Headset CTI Connector

EF Headset CTI Connector allows to integrate the Plantronics Sensor Headset with Cisco Finesse such that it determines and automates the call states and agent states in Finesse desktop according to the actions taken on the headsets. For example, an action of “putting on” the headsets automates the agent state and make it set up for “Ready” for the call. It increases the agent productivity by automating the agent states while showing the call data/customer information on the Finesse desktop. In smaller CC deployments, it can also assist visually impaired agents where agents cannot view the desktops or not able to answer, update the call/agent states.


In integration with Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop, Headset Connector allows for agents to go “Ready”, “Not-ready” and also to “Answer”, "Hold" and “End” calls by a simple action on Plantronics headsets. Cisco Finesse understands the context and updates the call/agent states in the Agent Desktop. Let’s go through the features in the following in more details:

Customized Call Strategies

Update Agent States

EF Headset Connector allows Finesse Server to update agent states to “ready”, “not ready” in Finesse desktop by “putting on”, “putting off” the headsets respectively.

Update Call States

The call states such as “Answer”, “hold” and “resume” are determined by putting on/off headsets while on call. So, for example, if a call comes in, the agent can just put on the headsets and the call will be automatically answered. Similarly, while on call, if he puts the headsets off, the call is set on “hold” and putting the headsets “on” again will resume the call. The volume control buttons allows the agent to adjust the call volume. The agent can use of the headset button to “end” the call.

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