CRM CTI IntegrationCisco Unified Contact Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE) or PCCE

A Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) Connector captures information from calls coming into a Cisco call center and uses that information to fetch customer data out of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The data is shown to a customer agent in the form of a screen pop which improves customer experience and decreases call handling time. Our software is the middleware that sits between the telephone system and the CRM system. Using the CTI connectors Agents can place, receive, and transfer customer interactions with full, real-time access to CRM customer data.

The CTI connection with a CRM solution is in either one of these ways:

Screen Popup initiated by Finesse to an external browser or application

MS Dynamics CRM CTI

The CRM customer profile pops up in a separate window or tab than the Finesse interface. The contact center agent has to switch between the two interfaces for service delivery.


  • Low cost integration
  • Little development effort required, reducing the delivery time.
  • Basic customer information is displayed in the form of a screen-pop when a call arrives
  • Other finesse gadgets like Social Miner (Social feed provider) can be used simultaneously with the screen pop connector.


  • Only basic information such as customer contact details is shown. To view extensive information, like billing details, complaint history etc, the agent needs to refer to the CRM system
  • Multiple windows might pop up
  • Problems with multiple sign-in or SSO might occur
  • Some CRMs do not allow a popup based on a URL call
MS CTI connector pop ip

Pre Requirements

The CRM should have the capability to respond to such a URL to open the required CRM page. For example, if someone wants to open the customer profile of a caller, the HTTP URL will be like this: http://crm-server-ip/customer-profile?calling-number=xxxxxxx

Embedded Connector

Oracle Siebel CRM CTI
Avanza CRM CTI Connector

An embedded connector provides the functionalities of the CTI connector on the CRM user interface. The embedded connector provides both the customer information and the CTI controls on the same screen.

General Features of Embedded Connector

  • Agent Login/Logout
  • Agent State Change - Ready, Not Ready
  • Call Controls - Answer, Hold, Retrieve, Conference, Transfer, End
  • Screenpop within CRM
  • Phone Call Activity


  • A unified interface, where the agent has access to both the CTI Controls and customer information. This eliminates the need for the agent to switch between interfaces and saves valuable time.
  • The primary interface is the CRM itself, which gives the agent access to extensive customer information.


  • This is a more costly, requiring alot of effort and is typically only available for in-demand CRM solutions.
  • Additional functionalities such as embedding a URL to playback a recording, or speaker authentication with voice biometry needs custom development for each CRM. These features come out of the box with Expertflow embedded connectors.
Embedded Connector

Pre Requirements

The CRM system must have a CTI Toolbar or it must allow CTI Toolbar to be embedded into the GUI. The system must also expose SDK/Development environment/documentation to integrate the CTI Toolbar with Finesse in order to perform CTI functions. Customer must decide which page/section of CRM should be popped up on what kind of events. For example, upon an incoming call, either customer profile or call logging interface should be opened by default or it could be the customer’s case logging interface.

CRM (Open UI support) Embedded in Finesse - as an Opensocial Gadget

This connector embeds the CRM customer information screen into the finesse interface. The desired information from different sources can be merged in a custom view and this view can be rendered in Finesse. Different gadgets can communicate back-and-forth with the connector-gadget and information can be read and write. This connector is only possible for CRM Systems with Open UI framework.


  • The agent gets a unified interface
  • Rendering views into Finesse can give all the required information and necessary action controls inside FinesseTwo way communication,
  • Information from other sources can also be added in the CRM. For example when a call ends, Call Recording URL can be added in the customer telephone call activity inside CRM.
  • Gadget to gadget communication will make multichannel interaction easily possible


  • A limited amount of views can be rendered in Finesse. All information will not be available on a single interface and agents will still need to switch between the applications.
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