Announcements & Business CalendarsCisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX), Enterprise (UCCE or PCCE)

Add IVR announcements and business hours for your Cisco contact center CCX or CCE.

Manage planned/unplanned outages, promotions, greetings with Easy Announcements. Also, add hours of operations, public holidays and exceptional hours on the contact center calendar.

Easy Announcements

An easy announcement is one or more prompts to be played to a caller on the IVR. Administrators/supervisors can create and change IVR announcements on their own with a web-based interface.
By adding calendar time/date and caller region, announcements can also be scheduled to be played over a certain time/period and for certain caller segments.

Business Calendars

Business calendars allow administrators to change opening/closing hours of the contact center, add public holidays and exceptional closures. Create shift timings with schedules to define different times for a certain period. For instance, different shifts in winter and summer.

CCX/CCE Prompts

A folder structure interface to upload new language prompts while showing already uploaded prompts from UCCX or UCCE media server. While uploading, the application validates the format with CCX audio format compliance. Use these prompts while creating easy announcements to be played back on the IVR.

Compatibility with specific versions of Cisco Unified Contact Center Express and Enterprise

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)

versions 10.6 and higher (Enhanced & Premium)

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)

versions 10.5 and higher

Note: Announcements can co-reside with any other CC Admin module.

Hardware Requirements

See Hardware Sizing sheet for detailed machine specifications.

Software Requirements

Operating System Windows Server 2012
Browser Firefox (50.1.0)
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